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The Original Men's Body Grooming Spa

Menscape was born to help men to escape to a private place to receive professional body grooming and relaxing spa treatments to help them feel rejuvenated.

Our Story

Born from the desire to elevate the grooming and spa experience for men in Nashville during Covid, Menscape emerged as a refined haven. Fueled by the need for sophisticated manscaping and spa services tailored for discerning gentlemen, we crafted an unparalleled space where every detail reflects thoughtfulness and an extraordinary grooming and relaxation experience.

Available Services

Men's Waxing at Menscape Nashville

Body Grooming

Expert Men's Waxing

Our popular waxing services are great for clients that want to remove unwanted body hair for longer.

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Body Grooming

Professional Manscaping

Our manscaping services trim and shave body hair to give you a manicured, natural look.

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Men's Facial at Menscape Nashville


Relaxing Spa Services

Men's spa services such as facials and full body treatments are relaxing methods to rejuvenate your skin.

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Why Menscape?

Nashville's Best

Aesthetics Team

Thomas and Samantha, valuable members of our team, deliver top-notch services to our clients. As seasoned and licensed aestheticians, they have truly mastered the art of waxing, manscaping, and skincare.

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Men's Spa in Nashville TN

Escape the Grind

We transformed body grooming and skincare from a chore to an experience of pure luxury. Revel in the journey with

  • our thoughtfully crafted Membership & Packages,
  • a complimentary Nashville bourbon, concierge customer service from beginning to end,
  • state-of-the-art tools, high-quality skincare products
  • and effortless, honest tip-free pricing at our private spa.

We are Local

Menscape was born off of Music Row in Midtown Nashville. We started with helping people in mind from our clients to our local community of Nashville and support local small businesses from Nellamoon and their incredible candles to the plants we get from Gardens of Babylon, to even the Nashville Humane Association.

  • I couldn't have asked for a better experience than the one I had at Menscape Nashville. I arrived a little early and was immediately greeted by Agam and had a great conversation while I waited for Thomas to finish up his client. It was my first manzilian wax and Thomas walked me through the process before we got started so I knew what to expect. He was incredibly friendly and cheered me on through the process. I will absolutely be returning and telling everyone I know about all their services. Book now, you won't regret it.

    -John W. from Nashville, TN

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  • I was a little apprehensive about waxing. Thanks Steve Carell. Lol. Guys it was nothing like that. Agam and his staff put me at ease immediately. Samantha was very knowledgeable and I felt 100% at ease. My experience was professional, discreet and exceeded my expectations. Guys if you’ve been thinking of getting a tune-up and doing some maintenance in the arena of hair removal, I highly recommend MENSCAPE. I already booked another session. I’m hooked

    Scott D. from Nashville, TN

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  • One of the best spa services I’ve had since moving to Nashville 10 years ago. Agam provided some of the best customer service ever - going out of his way to ensure I was prepared ahead of time and taken care of after. The technician walked me through each product and customized the facial to my preferences - not to mention the scalp massage at the beginning and end were a great touch.If you’re a man and need a good facial - this is the spot!

    -Zack M., from Nashville, TN

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