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Manscaping Made Safe & Relaxing

Our licensed female and male aestheticians professionally manscape shave, trim and style your body hair giving you a natural, clean look.

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Full Body Manscaping

Our experienced, licensed techs specialize in full body shaving services to style and reduce body hair, leaving you feeling "lighter," and better groomed for your next vacation or cookout. Our manscaping services include:

  • back & chest hair shaving
  • arm & leg hair trimming
  • Manzilian trimming (men's groin area)
  • butt hair trimming
  • and full body manscaping.
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Manscaping Body Hair at Home

Save Energy, Time & Trauma

Manscaping and trimming your own body hair is a tiring, time-consuming mess, that can become one nick away from a nightmare. Our experienced, licensed technicians specialize in custom, full body grooming to uncover muscles and tattoos.

Plus, we can help rejuvenate the skin underneath the hair with our relaxing spa services, making your skin look and feel healthy.

11+ Years of Experience

We're lucky to have Thomas & Samantha on our team to provide services to our clients. They're both well-experienced, licensed aestheticians that truly have mastered the art of waxing, manscaping and skincare.

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Smooth Back at Menscape Nashville

Improve Confidence & Hygiene

Manscaping styles and reduces body hair making you more hygienic by:

  • reducing sweat and body odors
  • more comfortable by reducing overheating & chafing when you're active,
  • and more confident by unhiding muscles and tattoos giving you a slimmer look.

Waxing Takes Cleanliness to the Next Level

Waxing leaves you with a very clean feeling that lasts longer than trimming or shaving. Plus, our techs and quality waxes make it a more comfortable experience.

Menscape Nashville Waxing Room

Private, Speakeasy Vibes

We revolutionized manscaping from being a chore to do on your own to being more relaxing. We added in more awesome and removed the antiquated. Enjoy the experience with:

  • a complimentary Nashville bourbon,
  • by listening to your favorite tunes in our private room,
  • and rest assured that you won't be doing any math as we offer tip-free pricing.
  • Agam and his team were awesome! My first time visiting and they made it welcoming. Thomas was professional and understood my needs. Meticulous service and painless experience. Can’t wait to come back.

    -Ivan R.,

    Nashville, TN

  • The business does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable. The team is incredibly friendly and welcoming. The services themselves were done expertly with very clear instructions on what to do when you're done. I would highly recommend Menscape to anyone, especially people new to body grooming and spa services.

    - Cameron, T.

    Nashville, TN

  • What a wonderful establishment and staff super clean and very comfortable environment and the staff was incredibly professional and courteous Sam was my aesthetician and she made me feel completely comfortable and in good hands and I’m absolutely ecstatic about the results and so is my girlfriend can’t say enough how much I enjoyed my experience

    -Robert, S.

    Nashville, TN

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Menscape Nashville Map Location

Location & Hours

913 18th Avenue South

Menscape Suite

Nashville TN, 37212

Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-7pm

Special Requests on Saturdays

Do You Manscape Frequently?

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Questions about our Manscaping Services?

Manscaping FAQ's

What is professional manscaping?

Professional manscaping is a grooming service that involves a licensed esthetician to remove and style a man's body hair by trimming, shaving or waxing.

What can I expect during a professional manscaping appointment?

You can expect the esthetician to assess your hair growth, discuss your preferences and goals, and perform the grooming service by trimming, shaving or waxing your body hair.

What are the benefits of professional manscaping?

Benefits of professional manscaping can include having body hair shaved, trimmed and waxed safely by a licensed esthetician in a sanitary environment. Plus, estheticians can also provide services to improve your skin condition.

How do I choose a professional manscaping service?

When choosing a professional manscaping service, it's important to research and read reviews of local providers, check their qualifications and certifications, and communicate your preferences and concerns before scheduling an appointment.

What are the benefits of manscaping?

Benefits of manscaping include improved hygiene, increased confidence and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Is professional manscaping safe?

Professional manscaping is safer than when done on your own at home because it is performed by a qualified and experienced esthetician in a sanitary environment using proper hygiene and safety protocols.

How often should I get professional manscaping?

The frequency of professional manscaping can vary depending on personal preference, hair growth rate, and aesthetic goals. Most of our clients come in every 4-6 weeks. It's best to experiment and find a routine that works for you.

Can I request specific styles or designs for my manscaping?

Yes, you can request specific styles or designs for your manscaping, such as a certain shape or pattern. It's important to communicate your preferences and concerns with the esthetician before the appointment

What should I do for aftercare following a professional manscaping appointment?

Aftercare following a professional manscaping appointment can include avoiding hot water, wearing loose clothing, moisturizing, and avoiding sun exposure. It's important to follow the esthetician's instructions to minimize the risk of skin irritation, ingrown hairs, or infection.

Do you offer manscaping services such as shaving with a razor blade?

While we do not offer manscaping services such as shaving with a razor blade, we do offer full body trimming and shaving with trimmers. Every state has different legalities in regards to what kind of professional can shave with a razor blade.