Tame Unwanted Ear Hair with Waxing

Ear hair waxing is fast and will save you time every month from trimming that embarassing hair on your own.

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Ear Waxing Eliminates Old Man Ear Hair

Waxing is the best and fastest way to remove embarassing ear hair that sprouts from inside the ear canal and outside of the ear. Our licensed estheticians apply premium hard wax on the outside of the ear and the ear canal entrance to remove the hair from the root. The many benefits include:

  • results that last up to six weeks, far longer then trimming,
  • thinner hair regrowth,
  • plus it only takes 15 minutes, and is less painful than plucking out hairs on your own.
Smooth Back at Menscape Nashville

We Got Your Back

We guide first-time clients and veterans through the
full waxing experience from before your appointment to afterwards. We

  • pre & post waxing care,
  • available post waxing care products to minimize irritation,
  • and complimentary ingrown hair removal.

You can always reach out to us with a call or text at 615.521.5414.

Clean Up Pesky Nose Hair Too

Ear hair waxing pairs perfectly with nose hair waxing. Both services remove unwanted hair to leave you looking better groomed.

Men's Spa Room at Menscape Nashville

Men's Waxing Now Modernized

We modernized the male spa experience by adding in more awesome and removing the antiquated. Relax during the experience with:

  • a complimentary Nashville bourbon,
  • by listening to your favorite tunes in our spacious private room,
  • and rest assured that you won't be doing any math as we offer tip-free pricing.
  • This place was amazing. I was late to my booking. And they were super accommodating. Even tho they didn't have to be. That aside the environment was inviting. You could tell it was a mans space. And that really makes all the difference. I've been to a few places in Nashville an don't get me wrong they got the job done but I always felt embarrassed leaving there. For once this was a totally different experience. The staff was great. The lady who took care of me really knew how to drawl my attention away from my hair removal. Long story short I give this place a 10/10 and definitely found my new spot.

    -Brandon H.

    Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
  • Not a single moment dealing with Agam and Yoti deserves anything less than 5 stars. From booking the appointment to following up post waxing to make sure everything went well, Menscape Nashville is the absolute best. Professional, comfortable, bourbon... I could go on and on. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. They use the best products and offer the best services in a relaxing atmosphere. I'll never go anywhere else.

    David Z.

    Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
  • For it being my very first wax I wasn’t so sure what to expect beside pain but fellas let me tell you if your second guessing yourself about getting it done this if your clear sign to go ahead and book amazing customer service and afterwards you feel 100 times better then when you first came in. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience I will see you next time !!

    -Joe H.

    Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
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Ear Hair Wax FAQ's

What is ear hair waxing?

Ear hair waxing is a hair removal technique that involves applying hot wax to the ear and removing it, along with hair, using cloth strips.

Is ear hair waxing painful?

Ear hair waxing is a hair removal technique that involves applying hot wax to the ear and removing it, along with hair, using cloth strips.

How long does ear hair waxing take?

Ear hair waxing can cause some discomfort but is generally well-tolerated by most people.

How often do I need to get ear hair waxing done?

Ear hair waxing usually takes around 10-15 minutes.

What are the benefits of ear hair waxing?

The benefits of ear hair waxing include a cleaner and more polished appearance, improved hygiene, and reduced risk of infection.

Can I get ear hair waxing done if I have sensitive skin?

Before an ear hair waxing appointment, it's recommended to clean the ears and avoid using any ear drops or creams.

How should I prepare for my ear hair waxing appointment?

How often to get ear hair waxing done depends on hair growth and personal preferences, but typically every 4-6 weeks.

What should I do after my ear hair waxing appointment?

After an ear hair waxing appointment, it's important to avoid excessive sweating, swimming, or using any products on the ears for at least 24 hours.

How long will my ear hair waxing results last?

Ear hair waxing results can last up to 4-6 weeks.

Is ear hair waxing safe?

Ear hair waxing is generally safe when done by a trained professional, but there is a risk of skin irritation, burns, or infection if not done properly.

Questions about Ear Hair Waxing?