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Men's Waxing at Menscape Nashville

Tame Your Body Hair with our Full Body Wax Service

Our techs specialize in men's full body grooming and styling services such as waxing and trimming. We use premium waxes that are gentle on the skin, giving you superior results and a comfortable experience. Our full body wax is thorough and includes:

  • Manzilian Waxing (groin),
  • Back & Chest Waxing,
  • Facial Waxing: Eyebrow, Nose & Ear,
  • Butt Waxing,
  • Full Arm & Leg Waxing.

Unique to Menscape is we also offer trimming and shaving of areas such as arms and legs based on your preferences at no extra cost.

Men's Waxing More Hygienic from Menscape Nashville

Improved Hygiene is Only One Waxing Benefit

Our clients love our men's waxing services because they:

  • completely remove hair, leaving behind clean, smooth, hairless skin that uncovers tattoos and muscles for up to six weeks,
  • lead to finer hair regrowth,
  • lead to less sweat, odors
  • and prevent chafing and hair tugging when you're active.

There are also fewer potential ingrown hairs and no chance of cuts or rashes versus shaving with a razor blade.

Post Wax Care Products at Your Fingertips

After a waxing service, we always advise clients to exfoliate and apply a blemish control product for the best results.

Smooth Back at Menscape Nashville

We Got Your Back

We guide first-time clients and veterans through the full waxing experience from before your appointment to afterwards. We provide:

  • pre & post waxing care,
  • available post waxing care products to minimize irritation,
  • and complimentary ingrown hair removal.

You can always reach out to us with a call or text at 615.521.5414.

Complimentary Nashville Bourbon at Menscape Nashville

Men's Grooming Now Modernized

We built Menscape to specialize in men's body grooming. We enhanced the waxing experience by adding in more awesome and removing the antiquated. Relax during the experience with:

  • a complimentary Nashville bourbon,
  • by listening to your favorite tunes in our private room,
  • and rest assured that you won't be doing any math as we offer tip-free pricing.
  • Not a single moment dealing with Agam and Yoti deserves anything less than 5 stars. From booking the appointment to following up post waxing to make sure everything went well, Menscape Nashville is the absolute best. Professional, comfortable, bourbon... I could go on and on. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. They use the best products and offer the best services in a relaxing atmosphere. I'll never go anywhere else.

    Drew Z., Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
  • The staff was so friendly and did a great waxing job. It was my first time being waxed, and they made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. I will definitely be back! If you’re hesitant to get it done, don’t be. They will walk you through the process and explain aftercare and answer any other questions you may have.

    J., Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
  • For it being my very first wax I wasn’t so sure what to expect beside pain but fellas let me tell you if your second guessing yourself about getting it done this if your clear sign to go ahead and book amazing customer service and afterwards you feel 100 times better then when you first came in. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience I will see you next time !!

    Joe H., Nashville, TN

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Men's Full Body Wax FAQ's

What areas of the body can be waxed in a full body waxing service?

A full body waxing service can include hair removal from areas the genitals, back, chest, eyebrow, nose, ear, butt, arms and legs.

How long does the process take and is it painful?

The length of time for a full body waxing service can vary depending on the individual and the areas being waxed, but we typically book 3-4 hours. The discomfort varies depending upon the body part with the groin being the most sensitive area. Our clients always find the results to be worth it. Clients may take Advil or an Ibuprofen an hour before the service to reduce discomfort. This should not be mixed with alcohol.

How often do I need to get a full body waxing service done?

The frequency of a full body waxing service can vary from person to person, but it's generally recommended to get it done every 4-6 weeks with most of our clients coming in every 2-3 months.

What are the aftercare instructions for a full body waxing service?

Aftercare instructions for a full body waxing service include avoiding hot water/showers/saunas, pools, tight clothing, and sun exposure up to 48 hours. Applying a soothing lotion or a blemish control product can also help to reduce any redness or irritation. Exfoliating starting 24 hours after the waxing service helps minimize ingrown hairs.

How much does a men's full body waxing service cost?

The cost of a full body waxing service can vary depending on the location and the salon or esthetician performing the service. Ours runs $480.

Are there any side effects associated with waxing?

There are potential side effects from waxing that include redness, irritation, ingrown hairs, and in rare cases, burns or skin lifting. However, these risks can be minimized by following proper aftercare instructions and choosing a qualified and experienced waxing technician. It's important to note that some individuals may be more prone to skin sensitivity or allergic reactions, so it's recommended to do a patch test before getting waxed.

How long will the results of a full body waxing service last?

The results of a full body waxing service can last for several weeks, but the exact length of time can vary depending on the individual and their hair growth rate. Most clients say up to 6 weeks for full hair regrowth.

Can I go swimming or to the gym after a full body waxing service?

It's generally recommended to avoid swimming or going to the gym for 24-48 hours after a full body waxing service to allow the skin to heal.

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