Male Brazilian Etiquette

A Male Brazilian or a Manzilian is an intimate service so we have an etiquette we ask that you follow.

Following the Proper Etiquette is Mandatory

Our staff is well-trained to conduct the service like professionals. Rest assured while you may feel awkward getting the service done the first time, our team is trained to make you feel as comfortable as possible while providing the best service possible. We conduct waxing, manscaping and men's skincare services everyday, so rest assured you're in good hands.

We're a professional establishment and we take the safety of our team very seriously. If our staff feels uncomfortable at any point during the service as if you give effort towards touching her, we do have the right to stop the service immediately.

The Most Common Male Brazilian Etiquette Questions

Do erections occur during a Male Brazilian?

Sometimes. Our team is trained to work around the erection. If it becomes challenging for us to conduct our work, we will wait for it to subside before we continue to finish the service.

What is the Male Brazilian service process like?

When you arrive, we'll review the service with you and offer you a beverage of your choice. Our licensed esthetician will step out of the room and ask you to dress down to your comfort level. He or she will come back into the room and begin the service by testing a wax strip on you to make sure you feel comfortable with the procedure. The esthetician will proceed with conducting the service. Once the hair is removed, we do apply several post wax aftercare products such as essential oils, blemish gels and creams to help minimize the chance of ingrown hairs and any irritation.

That's it! You'll be nearly hairless for up to six weeks. You can always rebook a future appointment on our website or by contacting us directly. If you have any questions, please do let us know!

Ready to book a Male Brazilian?

A Male Brazilian/Manzilian is one of our most popular services. Once you see and feel the results, you'll see why so many men rebook this service time and time again.

Questions about Male Brazilian Etiquette?