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Manzilian Wax biker at Menscape Nashville Improved Performance and Comfort

Male Brazilian Wax Make you More Hygienic

Men from athletes to every day guys get Male Brazilians to feel more hygienic and more comfortable. This wax service removes the hair from the waist line down to the genitals (think brief line), penis, the area between the groin and the butt crack, and the butt crack as well. You can leave some hair if you prefer.

Our premium wax gives you a more comfortable experience leaving you smooth and hairless with:

  • results that last up to six weeks (far longer then trimming),
  • no chances of shaving cuts, razor burn or stubble,
  • plus thinner hair regrowth.

If it's your first time with this service, we do have a brazilian etiquette we ask you to follow.

Smooth Back at Menscape Nashville

We Got Your Back

We guide first-time clients and veterans through the
full waxing experience from before your appointment to afterwards. We

  • pre & post waxing care,
  • available post-waxing care products to minimize irritation,
  • and complimentary ingrown hair removal.

You can always reach out to us with a call or text at 615.521.5414.

Feel Even Cleaner by Adding in a Butt Wax

Your groin and butt area tend to have the most odors over time. A brazilian wax cleans up your groin while a butt wax cleans up the backside.

Men's Spa Room at Menscape Nashville

Men's Waxing Now Modernized

We modernized the male spa experience by adding in more awesome and removing the antiquated. Relax during the experience with:

  • a complimentary Nashville bourbon,
  • by listening to your favorite tunes in our spacious private room,
  • and rest assured that you won't be doing any math as we offer tip-free pricing.
  • This place was amazing. I was late to my booking. And they were super accommodating. Even tho they didn't have to be. That aside the environment was inviting. You could tell it was a mans space. And that really makes all the difference. I've been to a few places in Nashville an don't get me wrong they got the job done but I always felt embarrassed leaving there. For once this was a totally different experience. The staff was great. The lady who took care of me really knew how to drawl my attention away from my hair removal. Long story short I give this place a 10/10 and definitely found my new spot.

    -Brandon H.

    Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
  • Not a single moment dealing with Agam and Yoti deserves anything less than 5 stars. From booking the appointment to following up post waxing to make sure everything went well, Menscape Nashville is the absolute best. Professional, comfortable, bourbon... I could go on and on. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. They use the best products and offer the best services in a relaxing atmosphere. I'll never go anywhere else.

    David Z.

    Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
  • For it being my very first wax I wasn’t so sure what to expect beside pain but fellas let me tell you if your second guessing yourself about getting it done this if your clear sign to go ahead and book amazing customer service and afterwards you feel 100 times better then when you first came in. Thank you guys for the wonderful experience I will see you next time !!

    -Joe H.

    Nashville, TN

    Google Review 
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Menscape Nashville Map Location

Location & Hours

913 18th Avenue South

Menscape Suite

Nashville TN, 37212

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9am-7pm

Male Brazilian FAQ's

What is a Male Brazilian Wax?

A Male Brazilian, is a type of waxing service that involves removing pubic hair from the genital area include the front brief area and the butt crack as well.

Is it painful to get a Male Brazilian Wax?

The level of discomfort from the service can vary depending on individual pain tolerance, the experience of the esthetician with the service, and the quality of the wax. Typically it is a quick bit of discomfort that is quelled by the technician. Most client love the results from the service and think the brief discomfort is worth it. Clients may take Advil or an Ibuprofen an hour before the service to reduce discomfort. This should not be mixed with alcohol.

How long does a Male Brazilian Wax take?

A Male Brazilian Wax can take 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the volume of hair, length of hair, an esthetician’s experience with the service, wax quality, and the client’s pain tolerance.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Male Brazilian Wax?

To prepare for a Male Brazilian Wax, it's recommended to grow the hair out to at least 1/4 inch, avoid shaving or trimming the area before the appointment, exfoliate the area gently 24-48 hours before the wax, avoid caffeine and alcohol before the wax, wear comfortable clothing, and take a shower before the appointment. It's also important to inform the esthetician of any allergies, medications, or medical conditions beforehand.

Can I still workout or swim after getting a Male Brazilian Wax?

It's recommended to avoid strenuous activities, sweating, sex or swimming, saunas after a Male Brazilian Wax for at least 24-48 hours to minimize the risk of skin irritation or infection since your pores will be open after the service.

Is there any aftercare required after getting a Male Brazilian Wax?

Avoid hot water/showers/saunas, pools, tight clothing, and sun exposure up to 48 hours. Applying a soothing lotion or a blemish control product can also help to reduce any redness or irritation. Exfoliating starting 24 hours after the waxing service helps minimize ingrown hairs.

What kind of wax is used for a Male Brazilian Wax?

Hard wax is most commonly used for a Male Brazilian Wax.

How long will the results of a Male Brazilian Wax last?

The results of a Manzilian wax can last around 3-6 weeks on average, but this can vary depending on individual hair growth rate, quality of the waxing service, and aftercare routine. With repeated waxing, the results last longer because of less and less hair regrowth.

How often should I get a Male Brazilian Wax?

It's recommended to get a Male Brazilian Wax every 4-6 weeks as this is the time it takes for the hair to grow back. However, the frequency of waxing depends on individual hair growth rate, personal preference, and aesthetic goals.

Questions about a Male Brazilian?